National and International Fellowships at Brown

Additional Fellowship Search Resources

Here you will find links to national and international fellowships open to international students and non-U.S. citizens, DACA recipients and undocumented students, as well as search databases for discovering opportunities within particular professional pathways or for further graduate study.

Opportunities for International Students and Non-US Citizens

  • If you are an international student or alum looking for fellowships and scholarship opportunities that do not require U.S. citizenship or residency, consider utilizing the database.
  • If you are a student or alum looking for opportunities that are open to various documentation statuses (i.e. undocumented, DACA recipient, refugee/asylum, etc.) and do not require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency, you can refer to Immigrants Rising, which provides a regularly updated, searchable list of fellowships and scholarships.

    Opportunities by Area of Interest

    Government and/or Public Service

    The Federal Internship Finder lists internships and fellowships at various government agencies.

    Travel-Focused Fellowships

    The APSIA database allows you to search for fellowships globally and filter by citizenship, academic/career stage, and program type.

      Opportunities for Graduate Study

      If you are interested in fellowships that support graduate study, consider using the following search databases to find opportunities that could suit your goals: